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Why choose CaptureLink?

Uses any image Capturing Device

  • Intra-oral cameras, digital cameras, flatbed scanners, digital radiography sources (sensors, PSP systems), digital pans.
  • Any twain-based device.
  • Not capture card specific

Saves time and reduces effort

  • Print what you see on the screen
  • Download iamges quickly to a PDA for presentation anywhere
  • Calculates the number of x-rays taken as a gauge for slide replacement
  • Icon notification for notes and annotations
  • Virtual keyboard for entry of names without computer keyboard
  • Links with most practice management software

Image enhancement is easy

  • Automatic measurement calibration, grid onlays
  • Zoom in/out, Spot magnification
  • Colorize, black and white, emboss and equalize effects
  • Sharp amd soft filters
  • Brightness, contrast, image gamma adjustments
  • Easily move, flip, resize and crop images
  • Insert annotations and notes
  • Images easily export to other enhancement software and import back again
  • Insert annotations and notes
  • Auto rotation

Includes many outstanding features

  • Postion images on top of any third party charting program
  • Create and save a library of custom templates
  • Case slide shows with voice and music (Case Presenter)
  • Unique algorithms dramatically reduce file size but no resolution
  • Custom settings for optimization of image source equipment
  • Accurate voice recognition for command input and voice output for image notations (no licensing fee, hardware independent)
  • Instant e-mail interface of selected images
  • Query method that speeds-up networks and releases overhead from server
  • Separate databases can be created for each provider

It's customer-friendly

  • Minimal training required
  • On-screen help for each step
  • Regular upgrades available
  • No additional workstation fees
  • No record or file size limit
  • PIPEDA and HEPA compliant (Internal screensaver, password protected, locked database, modern high security encryption)

Integrate Scan-X with our exclusive captureLINK image management software for enhanced performance

  • Easier to use than other systems
  • Integrates easily into your existing x-ray equipment
  • Eliminates the need for a darkroom, traditional x-ray processing equipment and fil
  • Reusable, phosphor image plates are as comfortable to patients as regular film
  • Produces substantially less radiation exposure to your patients
  • Provides detail-rich diagnostic image quality
  • Processes images in as little as 4 seconds that are available for viewing immediately after scanning
  • Scan images for multiple patients simultaneously


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