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The Henry Schein Ash Arcona Planning & Design Team has been helping our customers to make the most out of their professional office for many years. Our goal is to strengthen the relationships we already have with our valued customers and to create a strong foundation with our new customers.

If you are looking to relocate, start a new practice or just add equipment to an existing office, talk to us first. Our Sales Consultants are best equipped to help you get the most out of your new project from the beginning. The Planning & Design Team works closely with our Sales Consultants to develop a preliminary design that suits your needs, is functional, efficient and complies with Provincial Building Codes.

Our Clinic Design department creates office plans that maximize efficiency and comfort for you, your staff and patients.

From designing new offices to working with contractors and more, Henry Schein Ash Arcona has helped dentists nationwide to remodel, relocate and expand their offices, with excellent results.

Turning Your Dreams into Reality

By working closely with one of the only full-time, dedicated dental office design teams in the industry, the Henry Schein Ash Arcona Dental Design Department will help you and your Equipment Specialist make your dream a reality by:

  • Providing the plans for the remodelling of an existing office, expansion of your existing office, relocation to a new office, or new construction.
  • Coordinating the entire planning process with Architects, Contractors, and Equipment Specialists.
  • Designing a plan that will not only enhance the doctors' image, but create a stress-free and more efficient environment for the Dentist and Staff.
  • The designers who you will be working with are credentialed specialists with diverse backgrounds whose varied skills will greatly enrich any project.


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